Essential Industrial Wastewater Treatment Equipment

Essential Industrial Wastewater Treatment Equipment

ALAR Water Treatment and M4 Knick team up to ensure regulatory compliance in wastewater treatment

Maintaining clean waterways is crucial to conducting business. Responsible water management practises are the first step in complying with wastewater discharge rules. A thorough awareness of industry practises, the characteristics of water pollution, chemical treatment techniques, and the technology employed to meet environmental and financial needs is necessary for implementing an environmental stewardship programme.

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Quality Wastewater Treatment Equipment

Equipment to prevent water pollution is designed and built by ALAR Water Treatment LLC, an Ovivo Company, for the manufacturing and commercial production sectors. For production and manufacturing businesses in need of practical, affordable industrial wastewater equipment solutions, ALAR Water Treatment provides the greatest technology currently accessible. TSS, FOG, Heavy Metals, Insoluble BOD, and pH environmental discharge and disposal compliance are met by these custom-built systems.

Due to ALAR’s diversification into other industries, reliable pH and ORP monitoring tools are now required. The demand for sensors that can endure harsh chemical and wastewater environments is strongest in manufacturing and production facilities. In addition to durability, the majority of design requirements call for autonomous self-cleaning systems that can operate dependably in remote areas. Therefore, the concrete, food and beverage, flexographic ink, metal finishing, oilfield, and paint and coatings industries make the most requests for these system changes.

Conductivity, oxygen, and pH/ORP measurements are the main areas of focus for M4 Knick in the industrial and municipal markets. Sensors, analyzers/transmitters, portable metres, fittings, and automated wastewater treatment systems are among the M4 Knick product line’s offerings.

The Memosens® digital technology from Knick lies at the core of the M4 Knick solution package. Memosens is a digital connection and communication protocol that enhances measurement accuracy, cuts down on time spent doing in-field maintenance, and raises user safety standards in general.

A Partnership Benefiting the End-User

In order to use them with their Micro-KleanTM, Auto-Vac®, and Flex-O-Star® chemical delivery and sludge dewatering systems, ALAR has been using M4 Knick Sensogate and CSR 225 Retractable Holders, SE 555 pH sensors, MemoRail Modbus transmitters, and Portavo portable metres since 2017. The end-user will profit from all of the above:

  • All system information is available on one HMI screen
  • Automatic Sensor Cleaning
  • Automatic Chemical Addition
  • Highly accurate pH Adjustment
  • More accurate sensor measurements using an offline calibration process
  • Eliminates the influence of moisture ingress from submersion or humid environments
  • Digital PLC Datalog Capabilities
  • Predictive maintenance – the system continuously monitors: pH sensor wear, glass impedance, zero-point, pH slope, response time, calibration intervals.

In conclusion, ALAR Water Treatment and M4 Knick will help you satisfy your regulatory compliance needs for wastewater treatment, and we’ll do it with a system that requires little upkeep, is secure, and is simple to operate.

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