Our Strengths

The high quality of the products comes from a high production depth. Almost all required product components are manufactured in-house. At the same time, Kelfos achieves a very high degree of flexibility for customer wishes. These are individually addressed if no suitable solution is found in the broad product range. The close exchange with customers means that the portfolio is constantly being expanded with additional solutions for a wide variety of industries. This does not only apply to individual devices within a plant. Kelfos evolvement from a component supplier to a system provider allows it to provide your complete measuring chain from a single source.

A high degree of flexibility also requires a high degree of innovative strength, which is reflected in the fact KELFOS employees are involved in development. The high export rate proves that measurement, control, and automation technology is popular worldwide.

KELFOS is reflected in both the breadth and flexibility of the product range as well as in the individual support that is provided for customers in their applications. Contrary to the widespread motto “sell and forget”, KELFOS accompanies its customers from development to downstream services over the entire product life cycle.
In addition, KELFOS works in close and long-term partnerships with its customers on specific solutions.

Kelfos focuses on trust, reliability, sustainability, loyalty, and respect in its interactions with customers, suppliers, and employees. This is the basis for long-term, solid growth that far exceeds short-term sales and earnings targets. That is the reason why KELFOS does not follow every trend but instead makes decisions on future opportunities based on a careful analysis and evaluation. The focus on the high-tech sector as well as future industries such as energy, environment, and automation is the result from such decisions.

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