Who We Are

KELFOS is a company specializing in the development and Manufacturing of sensors and measuring equipment for HVAC & R, hygienic applications. As your reliable and flexible partner, we aim to always provide you with the best solution for your process & HVAC.The name K has been synonymous with innovative products of high quality for over 12 years. As a pioneer of hygienic & HVAC measuring equipment, we have focused on the special needs of the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, HVAC& R industries from the very beginning. Through our innovations, we strive to give our customers the economic and technological edge that will contribute to their success. To achieve this, we look at your particular needs and develop solutions that specifically address the demands for your production processes.

We ensure the high quality of our products in development and production and continuously improve our processes and methods.


Teamwork Begins by Building Trust

A sound, responsible management contributes towards making Baumer sustainably successful. Every day, we want to satisfy the far-reaching requirements of our customers and partners. At the same time, we are also aware of our responsibility vis-à-vis our employees and suppliers.

We keep an eye on our operating business, and also keep the future in our field of vision. And so the same always applies for our management as for our products: precise perception in all dimensions. This is the basis for decisions that are responsible, that weigh up all aspects, and that are therefore the right decisions.

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Innovative Test & Measurement Solutions for Market Leadership

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