Training & Plant Seminars

With Condition-based monitoring (predictive maintenance) approach, we support our customers in a corporate seminar for efficient maintenance/management of the equipment.

Maintenance (repair and maintenance) is conducted to maintain equipment, recovering from failure or inadequate condition.
The methods of maintenance approach are classified as below. “Condition-based monitoring” is especially becoming popular as it prevents troubles much more effectively. To maintain/manage equipment efficiently by “condition-based maintenance” through understanding of the equipment and techniques and capability to quantitatively evaluate the condition. KELFOS corporate seminars help our customers manage them all.

2) Introduction to vibration diagnostics:

Vibration measurement instrument professionals give intelligible lectures on vibration analysis. Factory tour is also available for participants to see the manufacturing site of vibration measuring instruments that they may not see in their daily lives.
* we can also offer a seminar on your premises.

3) Commissioned training

We conduct a part of your training program on commission. If the site is your premise, we also support sending lecturers and hiring out the training kit.

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