Level measurement

Customized solutions for continuous level measurement and point level detection

Fast and cost-efficient integration

    • Simple to set up, with a wide range of process connections and innovative adapter systems

    • Stability and smooth operation of the process
      Different tasks require different types of technology.
      Even in challenging media conditions like foam or adherent media, an innovative technique for dependable measuring findings has been developed.
      Long-term stability is excellent.

Improved productivity

    • Precision readings and a quick response time
      Even in high-risk situations, the risk is kept to a minimum.
      Hygienic design option, chemical and mechanical impact resistance, and wide temperature range

Functionality of level sensors

For level measurement, Baumer offers a variety of technologies:

Technology based on frequency sweeps
Measurement of the hydrostatic level
Measurement of ultrasonic levels
Measurement of capacitive levels
Measurement of photoelectric levels
Measuring the potentiometric level

Find out which technology is best for your application.

Mounting of level sensors

Learn how to properly install CleverLevel level switches with sliding connections in your system and what to look for.

IO-Link in process automation

The most fundamental foundation for process and product optimization is data. Additional data can be made available thanks to the digital IO-Link interface. Learn how IO-Link can help you automate operations and make them more efficient using process automation.

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