To know more about Applications, products features, functionality, working, quality, look, software configuration with the help of these product video and get confident about our products to fulfil your measurement needs….   

In order to be able to back up our own claims and expectations in documented and testable form and at any time, We & Our Partners apply a rigorous management system throughout all parts of the company, combining quality, environmental protection and workplace safety. All procedures in the various departments of our company are documented in detail, and continually monitored through internal and external audits. The most modern test systems support the production processes from reception of raw materials and components through to scrapping and disposal.

Our certificates in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001 confirm that our requirements have been fulfilled. Quality as a way of life.  We & Our Partners products have all European Standards Certifications & Approval as follows,

kelfos Datalogger software

Polwax Mini Data Logger Software

Polwax Multichannel Data Logger Software DAS10.4

Polwax Multichannel Data Logger Software DAS19.1

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