Absolute pressure meter

Small, handy, practical and at the same time highly precise.

Differential pressure gauge

In addition, measures volume flow in ventilation ducts too. 



Digital pressure gauge which also analyzes and saves – optimized for smartphone/tablet App.

Vacuum gauge

High-precision manometers - for the reliable evacuation of refrigeration systems.

Pressure and leak flow meter

Measures all prescribed pressures and leakage quantities.

High pressure gauge

For service and troubleshooting on air conditioning and refrigeration systems,

Pressure measurement

Durable, precise, and optimally adapted pressure sensors for every application

  • Pressure sensors, pressure transmitters, and pressure switches
  • Optimum technology for every application
  • Relative pressure, absolute pressure, and vacuum measurement
  • Wide  portfolio of process connections and adapters
  • ATEX approvals for the Ex area
  • Fast commissioning, efficient processes thanks to IO-Link interface

How to make pressure measurement even more reliable: professional tips from Testo

Leaky gas or water lines can cause damage or accidents, which can be avoided by taking pressure readings on a regular basis. Pressure measurement, on the other hand, can help prevent or detect damage to refrigeration and ventilation systems, burners, and compressed air systems. Testo has the right pressure measuring device for every purpose – as well as crucial expert suggestions to help you measure pressure faster and more accurately with your ideal manometer:

Is there a leaking gas pipe?

Over time, hemp seals on gas pipelines may grow brittle and leak. As a result, gas lines should be checked by professionals on a regular basis. Testo supplies unique pressure monitors for checking systems in operation in order to prevent gas accidents caused by leaks on gas pipes.

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