Pressure measurement

Durable, precise, and optimally adapted pressure sensors for every application

Pressure sensors, pressure transmitters, and pressure switches

Optimum technology for every application

Relative pressure, absolute pressure, and vacuum measurement

Wide  portfolio of process connections and adapters

Productivity increase and cost savings through precise pressure measurements

High precision


Simple to implement with minimal effort

Various process links are available.

For hygienic, industrial, and railway purposes, there are specialised product variations.

Process reliability and efficiency

Robust, abrasion- and chemical-resistant design that is certified hygienic

Added value through digital sensor data

Thanks to the IO-Link interface, commissioning is simple and quick.

Dual-channel IO-Link solutions for optimum process flexibility

Thanks to the digital sensor link, we now have more information.

In the field of measurement and control technology, process pressure measurement is used.

Pressure monitoring in liquids and gases, for example, to detect leaks

Pumps’ power is controlled by pressure.

Functionality of pressure sensors

In general, there are two concepts for measuring pressure:

Pressure measurement with a piezo-resistive sensor
Measurement of resistive pressure
More information about these technologies can be found here.

IO-Link in process automation

The most fundamental foundation for process and product optimization is data. Additional data can be made available thanks to the digital IO-Link interface.

Learn how IO-Link can help you automate operations and make them more efficient using process automation.

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