Data Logging For Liquid Analytics

Data Logging For Liquid Analytics

You don’t get any data if you don’t turn on data logging!

I realised I hadn’t launched my data logger when I pushed the stop button on my fitness tracker after finishing an exercise earlier this week. Even though I had liked the workout and felt fantastic, I still felt let down. First of all, I was unable to see the data I needed to assess my performance, heart rate, and caloric expenditure. Second, I had no way of comparing my performance to previous exercises. Thirdly, and most significantly, I lacked the information to submit to my employer’s wellness programme, which meant that I would lose points towards the discount I receive on my health insurance premium!

Monitoring with Data Logging

A central control system is frequently not directly connected to many remote operating sites. Organisations instead rely on data recording hardware to capture crucial data for collection and analysis. The data logger is the main source of information in this case.
The Knick Stratos Multi and Protos transmitters are suitable for monitoring, controlling, and data logging in remote operating sites. Operators can record measured values from each channel in a format and interval they choose by activating the Measurement Recorder feature in either of these transmitters. For sensors you may record in parallel with the measured values, Memosens smart digital sensors also offer health and diagnostic data. Data is saved on the memory card safely and securely. The card enables for an easy 

Data Validation

Data loggers may be useful as a secondary source of information that can be compared to other sources of data for verification needs. This can be done as a trend through time or a static (single point) comparison. These validation data can be used to verify whether your inline measurements require calibration or repair if you are monitoring a crucial process parameter.

When doing routine maintenance or addressing a particular performance issue, a technician might take a Portavo portable metre into the field. They now have a third source of data to compare to the process reading and lab measurement after obtaining a sample of the process and measuring and data logging with the Portavo. Now that the process measurement has been validated, you have it quickly and accurately.


Aerial view of gas and oil refinery, Oil Industry.
Reporting using a Data Logger

Reports for customers or regulatory agencies can be produced using data loggers. For instance, the EPA or a nearby municipality might require your data to demonstrate that you adhere to emissions or outfall limitations. Similar to this, your buyer can need proof that you satisfy their product specifications.

Knick makes it simple to automate the reporting process, regardless of whether data are being logged in a field transmitter or portable metre. Just export the data from our devices to an Excel or CSV file. You can also offer calibration certificates that are in compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 using the MemoSuite software. Using the programme, you may quickly and precisely supply the information required to regulatory agencies or your clients.


Implementing a data logger is a fantastic idea for gathering crucial information from distant locations, confirming process measurement data, and ensuring secure reporting. Let us assist you in choosing the appropriate fixed or portable tool to carry out the necessary tasks.

Without my fitness tracker, I’m sure I was just fine. But now I am certain of my performance today. I can also check how that measures up to how I’ve performed in the past. But most importantly, I now have the knowledge required to qualify for my insurance discount. All I have to do is make sure I turn it on!

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