Efficient flow measurement

Create process transparency. Lower energy consumption. Save resources.

Volumetric flow, flow velocity, and temperature measurement for hygienic and industrial applications

Particularly precise and stable measurements for increased efficiency and resource savings

    • Electromagnetic flow meters for volumetric flow measurement

    • Versions that are hygienic, industrial, and compact
      For media with a conductivity greater than 5S,
      With accuracies of up to 0.2 percent, precise and long-term steady readings are possible.
      Due to a continuous measuring tube, there is no energy loss.
      Flexible process connections and tube diameters ranging from DN3 to DN250 are available.
      With or without a display option
  • Flow sensors for measuring the flow rate

    • Measurement of flow rates in hygienic and industrial applications
      Independent of conductivity for aqueous fluids in closed systems
      Regardless of mounting position, installation and commissioning are simple.
      Interface for IO-Link
      Process connections and probe lengths are available in a variety of configurations.

Volumetric measurement applications

For sanitary or industrial applications, magnetic inductive flow metres provide exact volume measurements of electroconductive liquids such as water, sewage water, chemicals, or liquids containing suspended particulates. To meet the application, the sensors are offered in a sanitary or industrial form.

Functionality of calorimetric flow sensors

Flow sensors monitor both the flow and the temperature of the media. Continue reading to learn more about the calorimetric measuring technique used by these sensors.

Calorimetric measurement applications

Calorimetric flow sensors in sanitary and industrial applications assess the flow rate of aqueous medium independent of conductivity.