testovent 417 flow straightener set for volume flow measurement, consisting of the testovent 417 volume flow straightener and the testovent 417 funnel set

Order Number: 0554 4173


Make sure you get the testo 417 vane anemometer with an integrated 100 mm vane, in a set that includes two measurement funnels and other accessories. This will mean you are ideally equipped for volumetric flow measurement at ventilation grilles and poppet valves.

Order Number: 0563 4171


Testo is the only manufacturer providing a solution the problem of measuring equally easily and accurately at swirl outlets. The vane anemometer testo 417 and the innovative volume flow straightener testovent 417 support you perfectly in flow velocity measurement at swirl outlets.

Order Number: 0563 4172


9V rech. battery for instrument

Order Number: 0515 0025

Handy bag for measuring instrument and probes

Order Number: 0520 0006


Flow straightener testovent 417

Order Number: 0554 4172

testo-certificate-ISO-draft_prl (1)

ISO calibration certificate

Order Number: 0520 0006

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