The success of foundation

Quality and reliability as well as flexibility and development demand a great deal of expertise. KELFOS secures and expands both through a high level of employee loyalty and an excellent apprenticeship.

In addition, KELFOS has maintained close cooperation with the Colleges & University of Applied Sciences. We also regularly offer internships as well as the option to write a thesis for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, which often leads to permanent employment. This creates new opportunities for professionals, for the region, and for one’s own innovative capacity.


Customer Satisfaction & Continues Development

KELFOS is deeply rooted in the region with its research and development location and is at home all over India with expertise team of employees. The wide product range provides a high degree of protection against industry crises. The result is a sense of security and potential for further development. It is based on organic growth.

KELFOS is experiencing healthy growth without acquisitions, especially in growth markets such as India.

Further internationalization is directed towards the markets in India, where KELFOS sees great potential. The international production network with the established manufacturing centers will also be expanded further. Our region is becoming a high-tech and development center that concentrates on new industries such as the processing of water and wastewater , HVAC Projects.

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Mission & Guidelines

Mission & Guidelines

We contribute to our customers’ success by providing superior instrumentation solutions.

Mission & Guidelines

  • We achieve high customer satisfaction through reliability, quick reaction times and quality.
  • To ensure our company's success, we are working continuously at improving the knowledge, Skills and motivation of our employees.
  • We constantly endeavour to improve our processes, products and our service.
  • We are committed to our social responsibility, to safe workplaces and a clean environment.
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