Industrial probe kit heated

Order Number: 0600 7630

0554-1202-accessory-others-005300_prl (1)

Hose extension - probe-instrument extension hose (length 2.8 m)

Order Number: 0554 1202

0554-3372-accessory-emission-005324_prl (1)

Spare sintered filters (2 off)

Order Number: 0554 3372

0554-3385-p-ac-emi-005326_prl (1)

Spare dirt filters - for probe handle (10 off)

Order Number: 0554 3385


Probe shaft - length 335 mm, Ø 8 mm, Tmax. 1000°C

Order Number: 0554 8764

0600-8764_p_pr_emi_005215_prl (1)

Modular flue gas probe, 335 mm probe shaft length, Ø 8 mm, Tmax 1000°C

Order Number: 0600 8764

Modular flue gas probe, 700 mm probe shaft length, Ø 8 mm, Tmax 1000°C

Order Number: 0600 8765

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